The “Kloud”, Thunder Storms, and Saving BIG Money

The "Kloud", Thunder Storms, and Saving BIG MoneyIf you surf the Internet, watch TV, listen to the radio, or even walk through a coffee shop, you hear talk about the Cloud. This series of articles discusses what the Cloud is and what it can mean for you. Can it save you some BIG Money while improving on how you use your computer and share information with family and friends? Can it help you work on projects with co-workers and others?

We are going to cover the pluses and minuses of storing your stuff in the “Clouds“, and which Clouds, both paid and free, are best for you. We’ll talk about how you can save BIG money with high quality applications and services, and protect your computer at the same time.  There are 7 parts to this series, each based on our years of experience, actual day to day use, and the real savings we were able to achieve.

  • In Part I, Cloud vs. Desktop, Applications & More…,  we will overview what all of the different “Cloud” options are and how they are interrelated, including desktop and cloud apps, and why they may be important to you.
  • In Part II, Cloud Applications, Things to Consider, we will discuss the barrage of new Cloud Applications available for creating and editing your documents and photos in the Clouds, and the online services that provide these applications.
  • In Part III, The Clouds for Sharing AND Building, we will discuss sharing your information with family and friends, and how to work on documents and projects with others in the Clouds.
  • In Part IV, The Clouds vs. Portable Apps, we will discuss where to install and run desktop applications that can access and save your information both on your computer and in the Clouds. Portable applications that you can take with you, the benefits and pitfalls.
  • In Part V, What Happens When You’re Grounded, we will discuss “Thunder Storms”, or what many Cloud enthusiasts don’t want to talk about: what happens when you can’t connect to your information in the Clouds? While Infrequently needed for those who pretty much stay in one place, it’s a definite problem for those who travel, especially RVers, or those with country homes.
  • Part VI, Earth to Cloud, Cloud to Earth Apps,  we will discuss those applications that deal with both your computer and your data in the Clouds, such as backup and syncing programs, and why they’re not enough.
  • In Part VII, Earth & Clouds, Together at Last, we will discuss what has been a quest of this author and computer scientist: applications that can both work in the clouds and on your computer, when you’re connected and when you’re not, and why this is a solution that may be right for you.
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