Save BIG with your existing cellphone technology

What the cellphone companies don’t want you to know.  Our cellphone savings alone: $2951.40!

Save BIG with your existing cellphone technologyCell Phone charges have become a major expense to almost everyone around the globe. If you want better services and drastically reduced costs, you should read this article.

Our goal was to break away and/or minimize traditional cell and phone charges while providing an even better user experience while saving BIG money! We are going to tell you exactly how to do the same.

If you already have a smart phone and and high-speed internet connection with WiFi, you have the perfect infrastructure to start big savings right now.

If your contract with your cell provider is about to expire, the savings can be huge. Please be advised that if you have considerable time left on your existing cell provider contract, most will allow you to cut it down to a minimum contract that can save you thousands of dollars. You don’t have to run up overages as you will now be using services that are free or very low cost, and that are unlimited in their usage.

There is nothing new about VOIP, and the world already knows about Skype’s high quality phone services. What most people don’t know is that you can use these services any time and from anywhere you use your cell phone, but at a fraction of the cost.

After many weeks of research spanning many months, we decided to go totally wireless both in our personal and business environments. This resulted in cutting our phone and cellular bills by 95%  ATT Billwhile receiving extended and enhanced services. We can answer our “home phone” and “work phone” from anywhere and we each have our own “cell phones” complete with our own numbers and unlimited text messaging. We also have unlimited anytime calling throughout North America. We were paying $260.95 per month for three iPhones from AT&T and home phone service. We now pay around $15.00 for what we feel is far better service! Yearly that was $3131.40 and is now $180, for an annual savings of $2951.40, and we still use our iPhones the same way we always have.

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8 Responses

  1. Thx for the tips, and the web-site certainly looks superb. What wordpress design are you employing?

    • Jesse Towers says:

      Hi Jeffrey,

      Thanks for the compliment. The Theme is twenty-ten with extensive customization.


  2. Addio says:


    Wow! Thanks for the post on the iRV2 forum. I will be implementing some or most of your recommendations. There is a lot of technology out there and it’s nice to see people like yourself sharing the knowledge to others so that they can be able to tap into that technology.

    I have my own business called Life 1st, is my website. I teach safety programs and I talk about 911 technology in relation to cell phones and land line phones. A couple of years ago I was teaching a class and a student asked me what I knew about the “magic jack” and at time I knew nothing other than seeing the infomercial so I bought one. I am amazed by the “magic jack” and since I purchased it the technology from them has gotten better, they even have a smart phone app in which I use. I am surprised that you don’t mention anything about it and I am also curious to know your thoughts on this device.



    • Jesse Towers says:

      Hi Addio,

      You are very welcome. We are looking for other phone/smart phone technologies including the “New” Magic Jack. The earlier versions used to put too many unrelated applications on the computer when it was installed. The fact that they now have a smart phone app makes them a candidate for what we try to cover here. My next article will be on using Cloud and Desktop applications to be safe when moving to the Clouds (and traveling). Jenny is out researching a new Global Star sat phone and she is, I believe, in touch with their engineers as well as their sales staff. We should be able to break down Magic Jack from a tech perspective and get a story up on our thoughts shortly. Again, thanks for the tip and we’re glad to have helped.

  3. Dave says:

    I like your approach but since you posted this on an RV site how would this work if we are traveling in Alaska? Also how do you use your no service Cell phones away from home?

    • Jesse Towers says:

      Hi Dave,

      We took a three and one half month trip to Alaska and the North West Territories, and we’re talking about doing it again. Let me start by saying, when there is no cell signal, neither your cell phone nor a MiFi card will work. They both work off the same cell networks. That’s where the internet phone service has an advantage; the growing number of public WiFi locations popping up everywhere. Most towns and/or their local online papers have a listing of public WiFi locations on their websites. We are planning to list them here as well, it’s on our list.

      Remember to get the WiFi locations before your trip, as you won’t be able to look them up, as you won’t have a connection until you find them. If you do forget, they are at most Coffee shops, restaurant and civic buildings. You can use your phone or computer’s WiFi connection program to help find them when you’re there.

      I should mention that if you have a satellite dish on your RV for an internet connection, neither it or your TV sat are going to work when you get a bit above Canada’s southern border. You’ll see the 4′ sat dishes up there, and without one, you will not get a connection. The solution we decided on for our first trip and our next as well, was a GlobalStar Sat phone. It uses digital satellite which allows you to call from about anywhere. We have used our GlobalStar phone from Baja to the top of a Glacier in Alaska. The good news is that they have lowered their price from $5.95 per minute to $39.95 per month for unlimited service, and that includes an internet connection, a slow one, but it works. The bad news is the approximate $500 price tag to buy the phone.

      The choice is not an easy one if you want to be able to call at anytime and from anywhere, especially in an emergency. With a VOIP phone, you will at least have service when in most towns. The last on the list is a cell phone, when there’s no signal, it won’t work. We will have the GlobalStar article up by next week.

      We are also setting up a new section on technology with RV’s as well as a new Group for RV’ers, of which we are long time members.

      I hope this helps you, and thanks for writing,

      Jesse Towers

  4. Adriana says:

    thanks for share!

  5. Jesse Towers says:

    You are quite welcome.

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