Why a Content Management System for Small Businesses?

Why a Content Management System for Small Businesses?Whether you want a new website, or upgrade your existing one, you should be aware of the benefits and shortfalls of both a custom built website, and one built using a CMS (Content Management System). A major part of that decision should also be the inevitable maintenance and updating of the website through the years. A diamond is not the only thing that you may have forever.

Who are we to give you advice? With 35+ years as a senior computer scientist writing the basic components of programming and the Internet, and with a wife and partner who is a former JPL/NASA Deep Space Network Engineer, we’ve gotten a pretty good idea of  what makes things work and what it takes to create a successful technology product. 

We were around when this whole micro-computer thing started, before the Internet, when the Apple II and TRS80 were brand-new. And yes, to you young kids, there was a time “before the Internet”. At that time, it wasn’t just the Internet that didn’t exist. Computers didn’t come with things we take for granted today like built-in multiplication, division of integers and floating point numbers. As a result, we developers had to write most things from scratch, and as such, we got some pretty extensive experience in Core Technologies.

If you think it’s just old ties that come back into style, think again. We have seen computer technologies come back into style, over and over. One thing you can always count on, after the hype comes the reality. In time, you learn to do what makes sense, which is to use the best technology, not the “technology flavor of the month”, that can save you time and money. We practice what we preach and license the most effective technologies for today’s newest desktop, server and Internet platforms. In this article, we are going to take that same common sense approach, one based on those many years of experience, to hopefully help you decide on how and what will get you that new or upgraded website, and at a budget price, for today and tomorrow.

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